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Ground Improvement (TC211)

Ground Improvement (TC211)


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Category: Technical Committee Group
Description of the Group:

The terms of reference TC 211 – Ground Improvement period 2010-2013
1. Rework the existing website and organise it according to the T.O.C.
2. Introduce a newsletter
3. Develop actions and members’ interaction on the following themes :
3.1. influence of equipment,
3.2. available Q.C. method,
3.3. monitoring of G.I. works,
3.4. particular soils (crushable sands, glauconitic sands, organic soils, hydraulically
deposited mud – dredged or industrial)
3.5. specifications for G.I. works,
4. Organise a workshop at the14th Asian Regional Conference, 23-26 May 2011 in
Hong-Kong, with as theme the items mentioned before.
5. Organise an International Symposium “Ground Improvement”.
This symposium shall take place in Brussels under the sponsoring of the BGGG-GBMS,
of Belgium and the CFMS of France host countries of the Co-chairmen. The sponsors are
contacted at the moment. The idea is to organise the state of fundamental research by
universities and practitioners and presented as keynote. Presently subjects are:
- One day of professional training in Q.C for various ground improvement techniques.
- Two days of conference focused a.o. on going research programmes around the
world, for example :
- Deep mixing research (Kitazume & BBRI)
- Vacuum research (Jurong – Singapore)
- Asiri research : Rigid inclusions
- New bio technologies
- FMA – USA research on MSE.
A “Menard lecture” as proposed by Jean-Louis Briaud will also take place.

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